YourTech Bluetooth Headphones

Ah, what is honestly my first foray into the wide world of Bluetooth is still the one I use the most and absolutely love.

The sound on these is great- and they’re powerful enough that I was able to go far beyond the recommended range (anywhere in my home is available, even through multiple walls).

The charge time is short- though I generally just leave it plugged in to charge overnight so that I have a full charge for the next day. If worse comes to worse, these charge marvelously through a power battery (the same one you would charge your phone with!) and if you have a pocket it is really no different than wearing a corded headphone til you have a little juice built up.

I’ve put these through the wringer. They’ve been dropped, knocked off of things, and used for 10+ hours a day. Yet they still keep putting out great sound and are nice and comfortable (for all that epic music time you’re going to spend wearing them during!).

I had to purchase a bluetooth dongle to use these with my desktop, but I’ll admit that I don’t regret that investment at all (and more on that later!) as it has come in so handy with the myriad other items I’ve gotten to review that use bluetooth. My husband is currently using the dongle with his laptop so he can steal these. We’ll be getting another dongle and a set of bluetooth earbuds or a headset soon.

Don’t underestimate how convenient these are. There’s something about not getting tangled up in cords and the ability to really rock out without having to worry about tripping over something or reaching the end of your cord that is just awesome.

And these are what I use to do that!


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