Ravenscroft Crystal


I don’t know how this managed to slip my mind for one of the most impressive items I have had the opportunity to review.

This decanter set is just amazing. It has a hefty feel to it, yet it isn’t heavy enough that the glasses are going to weary your hand by holding them. They fit precisely and perfectly in your hand- as if they were made for them! My husband, who has large hands, and myself, who has small hands, both have no trouble holding them.

The decanter itself is a work of art. The solid crystal plug is gorgeous. The way the light reflects on it makes me sad that I don’t have a home bar to display it in! Unlike the glasses I do not recommend that you make a habit of holding the decanter. It may look delicate and fragile, but it is made of thick crystal and is heavy! And when you add in a liquid, like we did:


It can get heavy!

This is currently my husband’s treasure- filled with Maker’s that he hasn’t even touched. Not that I mind, I’m happy that he enjoys it and this is definitely a product that we both were very excited to receive.

And this is something I don’t normally do, but I have to brag on the seller. Amazon lost my shipment. I contacted them, they told me, “Oops. Nothing we can do, we’ll refund it,” which as we all know, does a reviewer no good. I told them to never mind and went direct to Ravenscroft, fully expecting to be told that that was just the way the cookie crumbles.

No. They stuck with me through every step of getting this gorgeously awesome item. They sent out another one because the first got lost, and made sure I got it. They never pressured me for my review, never acted like I was at fault. I would happily work with this seller again- and recommend them highly to anyone that needs a good, quality piece. They have some gorgeous ones.


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