Fashion Statement


This is a very cute set, and I really enjoyed it. The stones are pink- though in the dark like in the picture (which I love) they can drop down to almost a red color.

The chain is very pretty, bright white/silver. It is on the shorter side (18 inches I believe) and adjustable in nature. It clasps in the back with a lobster claw clasp and has an adjustable length of an inch and a half or so, to make it smaller.

The main pendant on the necklace is large without being too large, and was surrounded by 18 smaller crystals down one side. The earrings were smaller versions of the main pendant, and had eight of the smaller stones each. None of mine were missing or out of place.

I wish that they would release if these were hypoallergenic and/or nickle free, but as they don’t specifically state that I would not say that they are. My mother can’t have anything with nickle, so I won’t be able to give them to her because I won’t risk it.

The chain is sturdier than I had expected. Generally such pieces have a thin, fragile, easily tangled chain that comes with them. I was surprised to find that this one didn’t have one of those- in fact, I was happy to note that it was about the same thickness as a chain that I had had for years, so I have high hopes that this one will last as well.

This made the list of products that impress because it was so shiny and pretty in person- my poor picture really does not do it justice. The pink really puts me in mind of Easter, so I’ll be putting the pendant up until I can wear it for that occasion. Still on the fence about the earrings. I could probably get the left one in, but I know my right is closed!

This would make a great Mother’s day or Easter present (or really anything that you need to give a lady a present!) but I would snaz it up with a box, it does come with just the card backing.


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