Bright as A Flash of Lightning

I love this flashlight. Not only did I receive the flashlight to review I received the entire kit. I got it, the AAA adapter for batteries (which I won’t ever use because of this:), TWO 3000mAh rechargeable batteries AND their charger and a solar powered key chain flashlight as well. It runs off a single one of the big batteries, so you’ll always have one in reserve.

The sheer power on this flashlight is what wows me. The light starts when pulled open as a diamond of concentrated, bright, white light. You can then “shorten” the flashlight to turn it into a large circle of just slightly dimmer white light. It has three levels of brightness, and two flashing settings. Pressing the orange button lightly will change between them.

The one flashing setting is strobe like. The second one, just as bright, is SOS in Morse code.

The little things on this flashlight are awesome as well. It is a defensive type flashlight, and as such, has the ridges by the top of it, which can of course, be used against an attacker. May you never have to. It also has a wrist band that makes carrying/holding it less effort and the bright orange button on the end is hard to miss.

And the solar powered keychain light is fun too. It weighs next to nothing, but it doesn’t run on batteries and gives a good amount of light (I love using it to check my mail at the apartment- communal mail box faces away from the light!) and all you have to do is hold the button in. I kinda wish it was a push on like the main flashlight, but I still enjoy it.

I really love this set. It is by far my favorite, and my husband’s favorite, of the flashlights we have received. Definitely highly recommended here.


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