Jealous? Curious? Want to start doing it yourself?

So, you’re looking at all these pictures, knowing that I have many, many more to post, and you find yourself thinking…

“How can I do that?”

It’s easy. A little costly at the beginning though. I recommend starting with an Amazon Prime trial to get your feet wet. That’s right. A free trial to Amazon Prime.

Why Amazon Prime, you ask? Because it offers you FREE two day shipping on everything you order from them. Which, to be honest, is going to be worth. Most reviewers have their prime paid for in shipping costs in just the first month.

Oh, and when you have Amazon Prime you also get Prime Streaming, books, and a heap of other things. It’s amazing. But don’t take my word for it, look for yourself. I’ll wait.

Amazon Prime Trial
Amazon Prime Student Trial (a 6 month trial!)
Amazon Mom Trial

Yeah, I know it’s the streaming link. But it also comes with “Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs, Over 40,000 movies and TV episodes you can stream, and FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)” and don’t forget, the Kindle Library too. It’s a month free. It’ll make sure that you know whether or not you want to commit to the $99 Amazon Prime Membership (or $49 if you’re a student!).

Now that you’ve got your trial rolling (you did start it, right?) you can start getting your feet wet. My best advice, since you are going to have it a little rough at the beginning, is to review the free to purchase ebooks or items you may have bought previously in the past on amazon. Most groups (and sellers) don’t like to give products to someone that may flake on them.

So show off those writing skills in your reviews! Your reviews are looked at when you apply to review items. Sellers want good, quality reviews, so writing “It’s ok” just won’t cut it. Why is it just ok? What could make it better? Did it work as well as it should have? Do you like it, hate it, or love it? Did it taste/smell/feel/look right? Go into DETAIL. That’s what sellers want.

Now then, where should you start? There are a huge amount of facebook groups that do product testing. Like I said before, most want you to have at least 5 reviews before you start with their group, but there’s a few that don’t mind newbies (and a few that only take experienced reviewers). Just search “product review” and you’ll find them.

There are a few websites as well. and both spring to mind. There are many more, but they’re harder to get into. Snagshout is a fairly safe bet for a starting reviewer. They offer, one at a time, free and discounted items regardless of your amazon ranking. Shop With Reviews is not so kind to newcomers- sellers pick and choose for the most part, so you may go a while without getting anything.

Once you have an established amazon reviewer profile though, you’ll start getting more opportunities. It can be slow to start, but it is amazing once you get it going!

In a later post I’ll talk about disclaimers. They’re important. Very important.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. It’s better to ask and get it right than mess up and risk your account.


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