Precious Time

We all know that time is precious, and so is this watch. As soon as you open the package you can smell the leather, so no questions here about whether it was genuine or not!

It has a simple snap button clasp, with two lengths. I use the shortest one myself, and it fits tightly enough to not twist and turn too much. Despite being leather, this watch curves well and feels comfortable on. It’s also pretty light and doesn’t stand up too far- I haven’t scraped the face against much yet.

That said, it does have a tendency to get caught when I wear it to work- which I do. I’ve had to rebend the loops a couple times to make sure that the face doesn’t come off, and I managed to catch the leaf and rip it off the watch completely- I lost the loop it attached to, so I can’t reattach it right now. I wish that the loops were a little bit more sturdy with it, but it really isn’t something that one should be wearing to work in (it is too cute though!), but I have.

It is easy to repair this if the loops do break (just press them back into shape) and they’d be easy to replace if necessary. The watch is comfortable, it keeps time great (not fast or slow) and it has earned me multiple compliments. I hadn’t worn a watch in ages, but I have to say, I’m more than happy to now! I feel naked at work without it!

And it comes with an adorable bracelet and a carrying bag. There’s too much awesome in the box when you get it.


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