This may be a surprise, but writing is one of my true passions. My possessions are littered with pens and pencils, different notebooks in all colors and paper types. I love it- nothing makes me happier.

And then reviews come into the picture. Sometimes it can be a struggle, and that’s why I’ve taken to only reviewing items that I can be passionate about. I dislike doing short, vague reviews, though I still falter at times and don’t give my best.

But reviews are what sellers look for. They want depth, they want detail, and they want quality. They don’t want you to say, “This book was good.”

You have to answer why it was good. With a book you need to talk about it- let the people know you felt emotions when someone died or the climax was reached. Or let them know you were completely disinterested. Be truthful. Those book reports you wrote in fifth grade? Do that to an extent, but don’t spoil the story for potential readers. This is the only review type I would caution you to be a little vague on!

With other products, focus on what they are- if you’re reviewing food mention the way it tastes, smells and feels. If it tastes great but the mouth feel of it grossed you out, tell the people reading your review that! Go into detail about if it was slimy or delicious, aromatic or garbage can smelly.

Does that electronic device charge right? Is it heavy? Do the lights on it annoy you in the night? What about that kitchen appliance/toy- is it sharp? Does it collapse right? Does it break apart for ease of cleaning?

Give details with your reviews. Think outside the box! Did you buy silicone muffin liners just for muffins? Or are you making mini-quiches in them?

Give your reviews body. Don’t just hit and run with them. The sellers put their time and effort into the item, repay them with a well written review- at least a good paragraph with the why you rated it how you did, if you think it could be improved, and if you would recommend it at the buying price.

And don’t be shy- if you have a problem with an item, you CAN talk to the seller before you leave that review! You’d be surprised at how many problems can be fixed and turn a poor item into an amazing one just by asking the seller what could be wrong with it.

Also- you know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? They are. They’re like gold to sellers and potential buyers alike. Including one with your review is both an eye catching way to get your review noticed and (hopefully) up voted, and a good way to show yourself as a dedicated reviewer to other sellers.

Videos are like finding a golden egg. Sellers will love you for a well done one. Just don’t be too short or too long (shoot for 2-3 minutes), or people will get bored. Make yourself notes so you don’t stumble during the video if you need to. And watch it first before uploading!

Make sure to have fun with your reviews- that’s why you should be doing this. It’s fun, you get to try amazing items, and you’re helping others out at the same time. Win/Win!


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