Sweet Dreams…

…are made of these! Seriously. I’d never had a set of euro pillows before I got these from Snagshout.

And I’d never had a pillow that could double as a couch cushion. I got the 26×26 version of these as a promo for a dollar. They’re HUGE! My dog, Izzy, believes that they’re a bed for her.

My husband uses one if he’s laying down watching something, to prop on. They’re perfect for that!

They’re not so great for sleeping on when you have a full sized bed though. Our queen mattress is coming in soon, so we’re hoping that they’ll work out a bit better on that. They’re incredibly comfortable though!

Normally I’m not a fan of soft pillows. I want something firm, that will support me as I do a LOT of side sleeping and generally tuck my shoulder kind of under the pillow. These really surprised me though. They’re soft, yet do support my head. I was worried that I was going to lay down and find out that it swallowed my head whole, posing a potential suffocation hazard.

Nope! They retain their shape really well (it kind of reminded me of the mattress commercial where the woman jumps on the bed with a glass of wine on the end), yet are comfortable. Even if they’ve been squished flat they’ve been resilient, plumping back out to their normal shape if you give them a little bit of time.

I love that they came with the removable pillow cover too. With Izzy we always have fur places we don’t want it, and sometimes we do eat sitting in bed and watching tv, which means we get spills. It makes it a LOT easier to clean these when we can just pop off the cover.

These are great, though I think I’ll be watching and seeing if I can’t “snag” a smaller size. Definitely pretty cool, having the square shape though. Can’t wait to try it on a bed that has room for it! They’ve certainly been nice enough just to have around the house.

The picture is the stock picture- this is a 2 pack of the 26×26 Euro pillows with cover. I love them- they make a great computer chair cushion!


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