I love TeiKis. Their items are top notch and nothing can match them with how well made they are. That’s why the next few posts are going to be some TeiKis love ❤

Up first is their double walled glass set.

I got the one that had the Whiskey stones included (my only regret, should have asked to review the 4 pack of glasses!) and they are the only thing I don’t really like from TeiKis. Not their fault- they are great soapstones, but I don’t care for them. I’m too afraid I’ll break my glass.

Ah yes, the glasses. My awesome, awesome glasses. Put something cold in them, you don’t know. Put something hot in them, you don’t know. Why?

Double Walls.

They are incredible! My first experience with double walled glasses and I absolutely am in love. I can make a mojito (shhh, don’t tell me its in the wrong glass!) and once I pour the lovely icy cold concoction into one of these my hand never knows to warn my lips that it is freezing! On the flip side, I can run scalding hot water into these, like I recently did to remove the amazingly good smoothies my husband and I had had from them, and not feel the heat penetrating the glass. It truly is awesome.

A few other review items in this picture. A stainless steel smoothie straw, my Basily muddler, and a grill glove. Maybe more on those later.

But the star of the picture is the TeiKis double walled glass front, slightly left. It meant we got to enjoy those smoothies without any condensation on the glass ruining our grip (though they didn’t last long!) and that when the time came to wash I could run pure hot water into it and not flinch. They’re great, and I’ll probably be buying more of them when I can.


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