Walking For Health

I have to admit that this is the coolest little pedometer I have seen. I never thought that I’d need an instruction manual to use one, but I did. There’s so many nifty features- my favorite being able to change the stride length!

Not only do you plug your stride length in, but you also add your weight. This little pedometer will tell you how many calories you’ve burned, how far you’ve walked, and how many steps you’ve taken that day and how many total steps you’ve taken in the week.

Cause it has a 7 day memory. It’s just cool like that. You can also set a goal- I started initially with 2k steps. You’ll hit that in no time! I would average slightly above 7k is an average 5 hour day at work, and people would joke they knew it was nearly time to go home because the pedometer beeps when you hit your goal.

All of the settings here are available in standard and metric measurements. Another absolutely awesome setting for this.

It has a clip with it. I had a few issues with the clip when I would wear this to work- I tried wearing it outside my pocket (the same pocket I keep my walkie clipped to) and I would catch it with the walkie and knock it off. I liked wearing it there because of the built in clock, but ended up wearing it inside my pocket to be safe. I nearly lost it once in Walmart because I caught it with my purse (thank you again, kind stranger that handed me the clip to it!).

I really did love this pedometer. I say did only because I managed to lose it in my move to the new apartment. I’m heartbroken, since I carried it daily, because it is out of stock, and I sincerely hope that the seller gets more in so I can purchase one! This is definitely one of those products that wowed me.


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