Photon Therapy Mask

So, let me preface this by saying, “No, I’m not a crazy slasher or stalker,” and “No, this won’t protect you from the nosebleed you get from the price tag.”

$179.00 if I remember correctly. The item is currently OOS. Sorry!

This is pretty easy to use though. Simply plug the micro USB in to the mask, plug the other end into the white box. Plug the black box into the wall and the white box and you’re golden!

Or rather… you’re white. Until you hit the power button. Then you’re red, blue, or green! Make sure the mask fits tight enough to “seal” around your eyes. Mine was a little loose and after wearing it for about 5 minutes I’ve had a headache for the last 30.

Still, it seems promising. I’ve fairly excited about getting to try it out (despite the creepiness of the mask) and will hopefully remember to post an update for it!

But, here’s the review I gave on Amazon for it:

Let’s get to the obvious elephant in the room… this thing is pretty creepy looking. My husband likened it to slasher movies. With that out of the way, the item fits well and is easy to “assemble”. The strap that holds it on to your face just slides into the mask itself, no clipping or snapping required, and has a nice slide feature to loosen it and tighten it. I suggest wearing it a little bit tighter than you would say, a sleep mask, because the light from the mask can be a little jarring on your eyes if you don’t let the mask “seal” around them.

Overall the mask is comfortable enough to wear, and I didn’t have any trouble with it slipping or falling while I did. I found it entertaining that my mouth showed through the nose hole, but even still, it meant my entire face was covered, so I’m pretty pleased with the fit and the feel. The pictures below my review show me wearing it with the lights on high, the light power on low, and the power completely off.

I’ve not been using it long enough to see dramatic results yet, but I have high hopes that this will continue to “shine” brightly for me. I received one for quality testing purposes and have been very pleased with the way it fit, felt and held up after being dropped… accidentally. All of the pieces connect well and nothing seems to be lose or shoddily made. I’ll up date in a few weeks with the changes I’ve experienced.

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