Beautiful and Wonderful!

I really, really have to brag on this. My HUSBAND even likes it!

It lights up, if you select that (left button) and can be stopped on any of the light settings in the spectrum.The right button controls whether or not it “sprays”- which is definitely why you’re using it!

It breaks down into parts, with their being a solid fill line on the inner portion. You fill that with water and then all you need is some a few drops of essential oil into the water. Press the right button (it will beep) and you’re in business!

I like to keep the light running through a spectrum for the most part, but I really do enjoy being able to stop it on any color I feel is right for that moment or room if I want. I’m very partial to the dark red and the purple that this produced.

The “wood” is plastic, of course, but still is very nice and not cheap looking. The “Pure Mist” logo is just a sticker- it can be easily removed.

I really do love this item, and the size of it is great. It doesn’t take up much space, and can fit just about anywhere. Definitely awesome!


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