Whill of Agora

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In all this is at its core a love story.

The love of a man for his people and his wife; the love of a grandmother for her daughter’s only child; the love of a boy for his wolf, and later his friends.

It is also a story of hate and despising your station in life, of a desire for something better, and the path a young boy goes through to find where he does belong and what he truly should be, as shown “by his stars”.

Talon, our main character, is self-absorbed at the beginning of the story. He resents the gruel his grandmother feeds him for breakfast each day and the fact that, despite supposedly possessing potent mystical powers, she isn’t able to let him grow into a man strong enough (and coincidentally, tall enough) to be accepted by his clan and he instead is doomed to become a draugr.

Once this happen he is sat upon a road of self-revelation that lets him discover new friends, appreciate his grandmother, and wield a great power- one gifted to him by an elf. It was a good read, if a bit cliche at times. Some of the scenes had me flinch- imagine, counting how sharp a sword was by how many bodies it could cut through- but it did keep my attention.

It is also a fast read. I read it during break at work and then spent time over two nights reading while I was waiting on dinner to finish or whatnot. The content isn’t hard and the dialogue actually feels like dialogue and not a script. I felt for the characters, was angry when one died and relieved when another didn’t. If not for the cliched feeling I had throughout the entire book I would have rated this a solid five stars.

Definitely worth the read, I was glad I was invited to review this novel- the world seems fairly interesting, though I could have done with out the obvious modern day references in speech.

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