Decodyne Infuser Pitcher

Let’s face it, we all need to eat healthier, and part of eating healthier is drinking healthier. This infuser pitcher really helreview imageps with that! You can do so many different combinations, water should NEVER be boring again!

I’ve used a few different things in mine so far- strawberries, apples, bananas (what was I thinking!), oranges, pears, limes and lemons. My favorites are limes and lemons- citrus in general just works really well with the infusers. I have a small bottle of blueberries infusing right now- it had to be mashed though for it to work right, even though we cut each blueberry in half.

But this infuser is amazing. The thin slats that the fruit infuses through keeps the seeds from slipping out and into your water, if you’re using lemons or something like that. It’s great to let it “steep”, and some things do need to be steeped- especially if the flavor is more delicate.

This is also amazing for tea. I love to make a pitcher of tea before bed and slice a lemon into it, letting the flavors meld together overnight. It’s amazing. My husband, who loves sweet tea, will only drink tea with lemon if I make it this way! He says it’s the best he’s had. I’ve also heard that they’re great with seltzer water, but I haven’t tried it in the pitcher and imagine it would be something that would have to be used nearly immediately.

This breaks down into 3 pieces for ease of cleaning- though I do suggest using a bottle brush on the shaft that holds the infused items. It’ll make getting any tiny pieces of fruit or whatnot out of the pitcher easier.

I also love how stylish this is. I love the flowing design- it isn’t a simple box or rounded rectangle like too many pitchers are. I received mine for quality testing purposes and can assure you that the plastic is sturdy- this isn’t some flimsy little pitcher that you have to worry about the weight of the water ripping the handle off or something silly. I’m in love with infusers.


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