Keeping it organized!

Let me be totally honest- I don’t use or wear much makeup. I do however have a complete obsession with storage and a problem with not enough at my desk! I actually am using this on my desk- the large square compartment on the top is perfect for a pad of sticky notes, I put pens/pencils in the slots behind it.

I have rolled up (small) USB chargers in some of the lipstick slots. Some of the others hold the odd battery I have or flash drives. I also play some Blizzard Games, as does my husband, so our authenticators are sitting in a slot too!

The drawers are great. I’ve been slipping bills into the bottom one, keeping notes of things I need in the one above and, I’ve tossed random stuff into the top two small drawers. I love, love, love this organizer! It sits perfectly on the shelf of my desk and everything I need is in one place, easy to get to.

Once I can get my kindle to cooperate, I’ll take a picture. It’s pretty awesome.

Oh, and since it breaks into two pieces, I can always move it around if I decide to keep makeup in it without having to worry about taking all my paperwork out!


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