Counting Sheep

So, I have a lot of problems when it comes to sleep. I mean, it’s hard to miss, given that I am awake at god awful times of the night and tend to sleep all day. Never have figured out why though I do have my suspicions.

That said, it’s been getting harder to sleep so I can be awake at evening 3 or 4pm EST. So I’ve been taking sleeping pills. That’s where the review of Luna comes in.

I’d been taking benadryl to sleep. I’d also tried sleepy time tylenol and midol (which knocks me out!), but I felt weird buying midol since I no longer have lady issues.

While we were at the hospital with my husband they offered to give him melatonin to help him sleep. So, when I saw that this had melatonin in it I figured I’d give it a shot.

It works. I took 2 pills (recommended dose) the first night and was out like a light. I took one the second night. It took a little longer for me to sleep, but it still worked better and faster than taking the benadryl had been.

I don’t feel groggy when I wake up either. It’s been great getting some decent sleep. I’m just glad that the dose can be cut in half for me right now… the price tag on these is a little high- $22, though it’s not that bad, comparatively.


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