I did what?!

That’s right, I did something nearly unheard of- I actually paid for this item. Yep. With money. Out of my bank account. Full price.

Crazy right?

It gets crazier. I ordered a second one!

A photo can never do a pillow justice. That’s a KING size pillow that I picked up for… wait for it… under 12 bucks. I bought one initially to see how good they were, expecting them to go flat pretty quickly, but willing to take the chance. I’m glad I did, since my husband claimed it (I got the last pillow!), and I’ve had to purchase a second.

It’s supposed to be waterproof, though I haven’t tested that- we honestly have no need of it, so I don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that it is amazingly comfortable. Most pillows that size that I’ve had have been a suffocation hazard, too much poor, weak fluff in them and they just wrap around your head when you lay down. This one actually has support to it. My husband was using 2 pillows under his main one, and is now using just this one- and wondering if it is too much!

I don’t usually rave so much about something I’ve paid full price for, much less bought 2 of… but I love it. Go, now! Get one ❤


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