Epic Bobbi Jean Tongs/Spatula!

tongsOk, these are cool. You use the little hanging tab on the end of them to keep them closed. No more annoying slide bars that always seem to fall on your hand and make it to where you can’t open your tongs as far as you need. The silicone tips on them are simply amazing. Not only do I not have to worry about scratching up my pans with them, I know that I can grab a steak and flip it without having to worry about a too sharp end piercing the meat and causing some of the juice to leak out.

Steak was the first thing I made with these. I then tried using them to stir spaghetti- an old habit I have. They gripped the wet noodles amazing well- so I was very pleased with their performance. I’ve also used them for flipping chops and chicken- all with no grip marks being left and no scratches on my pans!

I used the bonus spatula when I made cupcakes the other day. It’s sturdy! I normally have issues with them wanting to bend or the actual spatula portion to come off the handle. Neither of those happened with this one.

The entire set is insanely easy to clean. A quick rinse has taken care of it- though I still make sure to wash with soap and water regardless.You will NOT regret using these!


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