1800 Threads of Joy

2015-03-21 01.02.32These are a wonderful set for your bed. They are incredibly soft, yet durable. Too often when I’ve tried a new sheet set the pillow cases will tear or there will be loose threads or easily ripped areas. Not so with these! In fact, the first thing I noticed when I was opening the package (beyond how soft they were) was the absolute lack of the thin, almost see through, sheet feeling I’d come to expect with cheaper sheets.

And these are definitely not cheap sheets! They are 1800 thread count glorious sleep inducing sheets. They’re amazingly soft, don’t wrinkle up (we end up pushing the top sheet and blankets off the bed each morning so they sit in a heap in a basket during the day!) and what I’m even more impressed with is that despite multiple washings the black still hasn’t faded! I received these for quality inspection purposes and I am very, very pleased.

And so is my husband! He’s been loving the new set, and we’ve actually been looking at another set as a backup for when these are being washed! He’s been really loving the whole product testing thing, since we’ve been getting sheets (and a duvet set I have to review soon!) and pillows and such.

Olivia Branch/My Sweet Home, love them, wants you all to love their sheets too! You can use the code: 7EDTAR4P until the 17th to get 10% off anything in their store- here. Give them a shot, they’re well, well worth it! (Click the pic or click the here!) Enjoy everyone.
And get some good sleep ❤

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