Recently I have had the pleasure of reviewing 3 of Bluedio’s bluetooth devices. The first one was their “Turbine” Bluetooth headset. It is an amazing headset. I absolutely love the sound that you get from it and the battery life is incredible. I’ve been listening to it for about 12 hours on just the charge that it came with- and it’s still going strong, no indicators of low battery life at all!

The stock photos on these do them a lot better than I could ever do with my Kindle. Got to get a charger for my camera (thanks again to Amanda <3) soon!

I was also given the opportunity to review one of their bluetooth speakers- a 7″ long wonderful system! The sound quality on this one is awesome as well- you can feel the bass booming in it and, like the head set, there is nothing that is distorted or muddy! My husband was very impressed with how light the speaker itself was- and we both loved the unusual color!

The third item that Bluedio sent me was a set of earbuds. They are the only thing that I was even in the least skeptical about- they lose a massive amount of quality when you listen to anything that has any type of bass to it. They simply don’t pick it up all that well. But what they do is fit great! They have a great fit, in part thanks to the T-light ear tips- some people may recognize the idea better as ear hooks.

My husband has claimed the headset- and I’ve taken the earbuds. They are perfect for when I clean- no coming loose and the sound is good for my Japanese lessons.

All I have to add is that Bluedio has really blown me out of the water with these. The quality is great- they are all sturdy items, and I’ve already recommended them! Truly something I’m happy to feature on my blog!


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