A new (to me!) way to make coffee!

Neither my husband nor I had ever used a french press coffee maker before this opportunity popped up, but my husband loves coffee so we thought we would give it a try.

2015-03-30 21.16.192015-03-30 21.17.372015-03-30 21.17.062015-03-30 21.17.19 2015-03-30 21.29.24 2015-03-30 21.29.34

It is SO easy to do this! I was really shocked by how easy it was to make tea in it (we tried it first because my husband has recently become addicted, almost literally lol, to Hale’s cherry blossom green tea). You just boil water, add your tea (I put sugar in at the same time) and pour the water in that you want. Then let it steep as long as normal, and press the plunger down to separate it (like in the last pic). Seriously. This is amazingly simple.

Though you have to be careful- whatever doesn’t come out immediately will continue to steep and it can become bitter/too strong.

I love the coffee press, and love it more that I got one to review for my hubby. Definitely something we’ll be looking into getting a bigger one of!


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