o2Amp- Colorblindness Correcting Glasses (ROSE COLORED GLASSES! ^_^)

Dad's glassesMy father has been color blind, and still is, since he was a young child- even before he went into Kindergarten. He is around 50 years old right now and up until a few months back we didn’t know that there was anything that could even be done to “correct” his vision.

Then, browsing through Amazon, I came across the o2Amp glasses. They’re supposed to help a color blind individual see in color. I bookmarked it, intent on working with my sister, to get my father a pair later. They went out of stock, and I was devastated. Between the price tag and the out of stock I was certain I wasn’t going to be able to get him a pair.

So, I had put them away for later. I did other stuff- reviewing, blogging, working my normal job, and had nearly forgotten them. Then, while pitching one day, I decided to ask if they would allow my father to test the product. I truthfully didn’t expect them to say yes- I mean, the price tag on these is pretty high.

And every bit worth it.

o2Amp sent my father a pair of the aviator style glasses (which hadn’t even been released on Amazon when I contacted them!) to test. They arrived, no kidding, on April Fools day. I wish I had been there to see it when he first put the glasses on- apparently my sister was wearing a red robe and he just stared and stared, “Is that really what red looks like?” He shared his status on facebook and had to tell people it wasn’t an April Fools’ joke!

They went on to bring out different shades and oranges and it was a little exhausting for everyone- but I have never heard my dad say, “Thank you” as much as I did that day. These glasses have given him the ability to actually see something that we never thought that he was going to see. He still has some trouble, but he can see what he’s looking at. This means he can drive without having to wonder if the light is red or green (a hazard if you’re away from your home town!) and he can appreciate the beauty in nature that he already loved a little more, because he can see it in all its glorious color.

He’s treating them like gold. He wears prescription lenses, so he’s going to have to see about getting a pair of contacts so he can wear both at once. But for now he’s been more than happy to use them while he is at home, observing the world in a color spectrum he couldn’t see before.

It truly is amazing. I’ve been lucky enough, despite a family history of it (father and grandmother), to have no issues with my color vision, so I can hardly imagine how much this has “opened his eyes” up. I know he’s been more than happy because of it.

The glasses themselves are of high quality, sturdy, yet light enough that they don’t bother you. They come in a protective case (that he uses to store them when they’re not in use) that means you don’t have to worry about getting one. o2Amp has taken care of everything when they send these to you. You don’t have to worry about them being damaged because you can’t store them properly.

This is a link to my dad’s Facebook post about it: http://on.fb.me/1F3IykS
My sister and I have both shared FB posts for it, as well.
And my sister has blogged about it here: http://sooomanyboxes.blogspot.com/2015/04/oxy-iso-colorblindness-correction.html

My entire family is grateful to o2Amp for allowing us to product test these. It’s been awe inspiring to see my dad seeing red for the first time- he even said he “doesn’t remember red looking like that” because it had been so long since he had seen it- and he may not have even been seeing it properly then! To make a long review short- these work and the glasses are awesome. It was enough to make me tear up hearing the hope and then awe in my dad’s voice.

Click the picture of my father to view the listing on Amazon. He looks good in his rose colored lenses, doesn’t he?


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