I was able to test both their baking cups and their baking mats:

These have been great little baking cups. I used them today to make some cupcakes for my husband, as I hadn’t made him anything for his birthday yet, and was planning on turning them into one big cake.

They filled cleanly- standing on their own without any tips or slides and they didn’t collapse as they were baking. The finished products came out from the molds with minimal tearing and a nice browning around the sides.

I do have a little bit of an issue cleaning these, as I do it by hand, because the batter can stick inside the ridges. The best way I’ve found has been to flip them inside out and wash them that way. They’re still pretty easy to clean!

The baking mats are just as amazing. I’ve used them for pizza and fries, nachos and burritos. Nothing has stuck to them despite copious amounts of cheese an other sticky items! I really am in love with both of the items I got to review for them.


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