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Can I just say, Wow?

Onway has some really, and I mean really, impressive stuff listed here: Onway Amazon Store Page and I was fortunate enough to be able to review the Aluminum Folding Table, Black Director’s Chair, and their Sling Chair.

The Table:

2015-04-05 04.36.49

I was really impressed with the table. I have attached photos of all three items at the top- and I really hope that you can see how well made the table is! It is stated that it can hold 30 pounds, but I know that must be a safe weight- as we’ve had close to that just in the dishes that we set on top of it! *That said, I do not recommend exceeding the safety weight recommended by the company.*

It’s incredibly easy to put together, like the rest of the products I received from Onway. I was a little confused at first- there are multiples “snap downs” that run the length of the table to attach the top to the base- I had it bowed up and didn’t understand why until my husband saw what I had done! We gave it a little push down and they popped in just fine.

The legs are stable and strong- I was even able to move it a short distance with items on it without having to worry about messing up the table legs! It breaks down to barely larger than the sling chair and comes with a convenient carry bag. Overall- incredibly convenient, great size, and great strength! I’m loving the table.

The Director’s Chair:

2015-04-05 04.37.58

I love being able to sit in a chair and have a table attached to it to sit my drink into! Especially when it is time to do some fishing or just sitting around the fire watching it burn. It’s really nice to be able to have your drink up and off the ground and a firm place to set some plates or a book if you’re eating or reading.

Like the others, the chair is easy to assemble- just take it out of the box and pop it open! No case for this one- it doesn’t fold up like the others. Think more “lawn chair” and less “camping chair” for the way that this stores. The covering for the arms comes off for ease of cleaning even!

That’s not saying that it isn’t a camping chair! Just that it folds up into a square, not a peg. The quality on the materials the chair is made with is top notch. There is a weight limit recommendation, per the seller, of 250 pounds on this. Between my dog and myself we come close to that, but we had no issues with it not seeming like it was going to hold us! Again though, I recommend abiding by the recommended weights.

The Brown Sling Chair:

2015-04-05 04.39.53

As much as I love the director’s chair, I have to admit that I absolutely adore the sling chair. It has a cup holder attached to the side of the leg! It’s incredibly relaxing to be able to lean back into the chair and just let it support your body- because this does support it! It’s one of the most comfortable camping chairs I have had the pleasure of sitting in.

It is at just the right angle for my back and legs to feel at ease- neither too high or too low, and I love that I can fully relax in it. My dog enjoys this one too- she loves nothing more than to jump up beside me and wriggle into the side! (We have had a few incidents where she has fallen out though!)

It’s just as well made as the other two were. This one does come with a carrying bag- complete with strap for shoulder carrying just like the table. The fabric is great and sturdy and I would dare say you could exceed the weight limit just by how well it works with me and my dog- but I would NOT recommend it! Safety first.

I really just want to give a big thanks to Onway for working with me on this and for allowing me to review their wonderful items. Give them a look! You will NOT regret it!


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