Click, Roast, Deliver!

Well, I have to say, since I started reviewing items, more coffee has come into our house than ever before. My husband has 7 different types of coffee in the cupboard right now- and these two were his latest additions.

Click, Roast, Deliver! provided these to us for our blog post and opinion and I have to say that I am really happy with the way that they smell. The first one we brewed was the java. My husband loved it. I couldn’t even take a drink of it- it is very, very coffee-y, but it does smell amazing!

My husband however, loved the taste. It’s strong, and bitter, but full-flavored and he raved about how good it actually was. We’re just now experiencing the wonders of fresh roasted coffee- he loves the smell and taste of it and I have to admit that it is a lot better than I had thought that it was going to be.

We got our coffees pre-ground for the French Press coffee maker we were given to review a few weeks back and we were really impressed with how well it worked in it.

But there’s a silver lining for  those of you that didn’t get to order through this limited offer for bloggers! Click, Roast, Deliver! is offering a special just for my readers!
Discount Code: BLOG20

20% off. Not too shabby, right? Their coffee is awesome (I mean, my husband LOVES it) and 20% off is really nice. So go, now, to Click, Roast, Deliver! and order some. Don’t forget to use that code.


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