That’s really all I can say- so I’ll let the following picture speak for me for a second.

2015-03-28 03.57.02

Yes, that is 8 different bags that you see sitting there. And I love them all.

The on on the bottom left is the one that I now use daily for a purse. I’ve gotten numerous compliments about it. I love it and even refused to sell it and another one to a friend! I told her just wear she could buy one though!

2015-03-28 04.04.062015-04-17 02.14.28

Both of them are very, very comfortable to wear and carry and WAY more spacious than you would think! I’ve put all kinds of things into them- though I routinely carry the smaller of the bags as a purse, and I carry my tablet, 2 wallets, phone and a battery charger in it- with room to spare! I’ve filled the messenger bag so full with stuff I’ve had to have my husband carry it!

2015-03-28 03.58.01 2015-03-28 03.59.44 2015-04-17 02.19.52 2015-04-17 02.18.52 2015-04-17 02.18.05 2015-04-17 02.16.10

These would be the backpacks that EcoCity kindly let me review. Every single one of these bags is simply amazing.

They are all incredibly spacious (I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the white rectangular one!) and none of them are any more well-made, or less! for that matter, than any of the others because EcoCity has definitely put some hard work and effort into these.

They all have multiple pockets and sturdy zippers and buckles. The snaps can be a little finicky- they are magnetic for the most part, but really, they do work well.

Even the straps on these are all amazingly comfortable. A lot of the time they’ll cut corners with the straps- too thin, not enough padding, but that does NOT happen with these bags! They’re great, and I love them.

So the moral of the story here? Just go here: EcoCity’s store front; and find one you want. They have NOT let me down and they won’t let you down either!


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