Ding Dong!

2015-04-19 04.51.502015-04-19 04.52.29

I’ve recently moved into an apartment, and found to my dismay that I could not hear anyone when they knocked on my door! From deliveries to guest, and even the pizza person, I had to rely on them calling me or guessing that someone was out there based on the time.

Once I got the VicTsing DoorBell that changed. This little thing packs a LOT of sound into a VERY small package! It comes with a wide variety of “tunes” to set your doorbell to, not just your basic “ding dong”. It includes 36 different tunes! We are currently using the “Fur Elise” as our door”tune”.

The button attached easily to the interior of our door frame via a two sided adhesive strip. We opted for that instead of screwing it in (this had 2 very small screws included) because we live in an apartment, and I would rather have an adhesive strip to remove if we have to as the paint was already messed up instead of extra holes! It has held securely.

The actual ringer portion is a simple plug in. It can be plugged in to any outlet that you have available and the sound level and tune is adjusted really easily from it. Just press the music note to cycle through the presets, find the one you like, and you’re done! Unplugging it does cause your selection to be reset, as will losing power.

The variety that is included is nice. It includes basic and seasonal choices! I received this as part of a promotional offer, and I am really happy and relieved that it has worked out so well. No more missing deliveries or having guests standing outside!


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