The Perfect Gift!

I recently received this wonderful gift basket to review.

It contains quite a few little things that make up a splendid whole- it contains everything from body wash to lotion and spray to things to set the mood- a stick diffuser and a weighted eye mask along with a scented candle.

Everything in this set smelled amazing and seemed to be well made- none of the bottles were messed up or leaking, the glove and loofa were nicely made- no apparent tears or rips. I have to say that my mother in law almost didn’t get this for mother’s day!

You can find this set here. It is a little on the high side, but you have to factor in the convenience of not having to shop for all of these matching scents and that it comes in a gorgeous basket. I really do recommend it not just for mother’s day but for any time that you would need a gift for a special lady.

I would mention though, as this is important to me and my family, that the items contained in this box are NOT gluten free, so if you are dealing with someone with Celiac’s or a gluten/wheat intolerance of any kind, I would avoid this product.


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